Book of the month: The Carnivore Code by Michael Fassbender, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Oliver

In The Carnivore Code: The Secret of Eating for Performance, author David Zinczenko has written a book that shares the results of his research into the possible health benefits of eating more meat. The result? A diet that may be the most powerful tool in the world for fighting modern disease. His research has revealed that meat has an amazing amount of health benefits that have never before been understood.

Who would have thought you could learn so much from such a simple concept?

Our newest book club is Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino, and we’ve been devouring it for the past few weeks! It reveals the shocking truth about supposedly healthy foods and presents a step-by-step program to regain your health with a truly old-fashioned diet based on pure meat consumption.

I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes and excerpts from The Carnivore Code. Honestly, I found it hard to choose because each page is filled with so much amazing (and often mind-boggling) information! The simple things we have always thought about meat and vegetables are actually not so often true!

Here are the top 10 quotes from The Carnivore’s Code:

In extreme cases of lean meat consumption, this can lead to a condition called rabbit starvation, which leads to excessive ammonia production. We certainly don’t want a meat-eating diet of only lean chicken breast, lean hamburgers or lean steak. It’s a recipe for failure.

A nose to tail carnivore diet contains everything the human operating system needs in the most bioavailable form and contains no plant antigens that contribute to autoimmunity and inflammation in many people. In the long run, nutrient deficiencies cannot be maintained with a plant-based diet.

Many studies show that there is a link between growth and nutritional quality. In the Neolithic period, adults were on average taller than they are today. When growth is studied in relation to diet, scientists have found that an increase in animal protein is associated with an increase in growth. An increase in the number of plants corresponds to a decrease in height.

If you look at some Eskimo tribes, you can see the difference between a plant-based diet and a meatless diet. A meat-only diet caused negligible caries at a higher rate.

The carnivore diet is a much more extreme ketogenic diet. When people eliminate carbs from their diet, it puts the body in a state of ketosis. Therefore, a carnivore diet can help people improve their athletic performance, lose weight and improve their mental clarity.

Myth: Eating too much meat suppresses ketosis.

Done: Your body won’t be able to convert enough protein to sugar to get you out of ketosis. Only a conversion of protein into blood sugar takes place to prevent hypoglycemia.

The carnivorous diet consists solely of animal products and you do not need to adhere to recommendations regarding meal times, macronutrient distribution or segments.

Myth: Red meat causes cancer.

Done: This is one of the most persistent and ridiculous myths. There are no well-designed studies that prove red meat causes cancer.

Fat is our main source of energy. Although we can get energy from carbohydrates or even protein, fats are the best at providing the energy we need.

For the vast majority of people who need to try switching to a meat-free diet, starting with a one-month challenge is a perfectly acceptable method.

Stay tuned, we’ll be launching our own 30-day carnivore challenge soon!

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