If you are like most people, you have probably wondered whether you can eat at Taco Bell, or drink from the faucet, if you are constipated. We have compiled a list of 10 products that are great for use when you are experiencing a bowel movement.

When it comes to the issue of poop, there is no shortage of options. One can get a Poop-Pal, go with a composting toilet, or even buy a toilet that asks you to collect and process your own feces. But there is one way to keep your poo in a more sanitary, controlled environment, and that is through the use of poop-related products.

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I had been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for a long time before deciding to try the ketogenic diet. I was always bloated, had severe cramps, had increased flatulence, and was tired all of the time. I was pulled down by a constantly bloated stomach and digestive problems – not pleasant! Every time I went out, I felt like I was having a party. You don’t say anything!

For my 30th birthday, my mother even got me a hilarious t-shirt. I wore it on my birthday (in 2011) and it made me happy every time I put it on.


But, guess what? I haven’t felt this fantastic in over 5 years since I began the keto diet, and I’m pleased to report that celebrating my poop has become a daily event! Fortunately, I’ve gotten rid of all of my IBS symptoms.


This cart feces emoji gives the term cart a whole new meaning! This colorful emoji float will create a splash in the pool (but don’t worry, you won’t have to clean the pool to use it). Simply add air!


These emo slippers have non-slip soles, therefore they’re non-slip, right? They’re also constructed of plush velvet, so they’ll keep your feet toasty warm.


It’s a game where number two always comes out on top! Poopyhead is a card game in which players strive to avoid becoming the Poopyhead at all costs.


Are you apprehensive about going out with number two? You can buy a home right now! Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is a natural essential oil mix that prevents bathroom smells from forming by forming a barrier that binds aromas to the water’s surface. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll realize it’s a crime not to utilize it.

HIP TIP: Use this DIY method to make your own toilet spray!


Are you on the run? If you’re having a terrible day and your phone runs out of juice, use the Poop Emoji portable charger to revive it! This charger works with most phones and can be taken with you wherever you go.


This Wilton Poop Emoji silicone cake pan may be used for a variety of purposes. Create gummy bears, ice cream, or even bath bombs using your favorite cake or brownie recipe, or use the mold to make gummy bears, ice cream, or even bath bombs!


This mug has the power to start a revolution! Is there anything more I can say about this hilarious mug from Coffee Makes Me Poop?

Do you really need another poopy coffee cup? We adore it as well!


This cushion is incredible! How about this hilarious glitter poop pillowcase to liven up your bedroom a little? The pillowcase transforms into a face emoji as you slide it down with your hand. When you lift the blanket, the pillowcase transforms into a new facial emoji.


It’s easier to poop with a feces jar! The Daddy Squat Starter Kit, which contains the Squatty Potty 2.0 toilet stool, a 4 oz. vanilla toilet spray, and the Poop Emoji pacifier, starts at $24.99 and includes the Squatty Potty 2.0 toilet stool, a 4 oz. vanilla toilet spray, and the Poop Emoji pacifier. Who can say no to a good ass fart?

The Squatty Potty is a must-have device for your toilet if you suffer from constipation, tension, bloating, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, or bowel illness. I use mine on a daily basis!


Let the world know about your triumphs, no matter how little, so that they may rejoice with you! With this I Pooped Today t-shirt, you can help shatter the taboo of toilet training and show everyone that your intestines are in good shape.

Then there’s Poop Information: Gut Changes During the Keto Diet.

If you are like most parents, you have a child, and they will eventually poop. But not every parent wants to deal with that part of parenting. Maybe you don’t want to teach your kids about the natural cycle of life. Or maybe you like to pretend it doesn’t happen, because you are hoping for some big science project like a worm farm or a biodegradeable stroller.. Read more about national poop day and let us know what you think.

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