This sequence is a gentle yoga sequence that can be done by anyone, even seniors, and is designed to help them to maintain their strength and flexibility while they age. The sequence begins with a balancing sequence, followed by a series of poses that encourage deep relaxation.

After the first few times you visit this yoga website, you’ll realize that it’s meant just for a select group of yogis. That’s because the videos are geared to a certain demographic: older, highly-educated people who want to add a bit of stress-free yoga into their lives. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do yoga with a twist.

The best way to start your day may not be with a shower. Yoga can help you get a good night’s sleep and quiet the mind and body. It is also a great way to help seniors maintain balance and flexibility as they age. If you are trying to lose weight, yoga can help with that too.

This is a gentle and enriching yoga sequence for seniors that can be practiced in the morning or evening. It takes ten to fifteen minutes, but listen to your body and do what feels good, what nourishes you.

1. Start with a simple pose

Loan : Anna Coventry

Close your eyes. Put one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. Take five long breaths with your belly. Fill it with fresh oxygen. Then turn your attention to your chest. Breathe in and out five times into the chest. Then turn your attention to the upper chest.

Take five long breaths in this space. Develop inner awareness. Complete this breathing sequence with five long breaths to fill all three zones evenly.

2. Sitting cat/cow

credit : Lacey Haynes.

Shivers when you open your eyes. Press your palms against your knees. Inhale, point your heart and collarbones forward, look up at the sky. Exhale, around the spine, lift the chin and send your heart back. Perform these sitting cat and sitting cow positions slowly, breathing ten times each.

3. Seated crescent

Ready : The yoga of destiny

Keep your arms above your head. Fold your fingers together, release your index finger. Relax your shoulders and move them away from your ears. Inhale as you bend to the right. Feel the left side of your body opening up. Hold this position for three easy breaths. Go back to the center.

Inhale as you stretch to the left. Hold the position for three breaths and open the right side of your body. Go back to the center. Inhale and stretch up and back to form a slight arch in the back. Open your heart and chest to heaven. Hold this position for three easy breaths. Return to the center and release the arms at the sides.

4. Front seat

Stretch your legs out in front of you – knees, ankles and heels should be touching. As you inhale, raise your arms to shoulder height and extend them in front of you. Exhale as you bend to your toes and hold two steady breaths. Inhale and return to the starting position. Exhale as you stretch and reach forward. Hold this position for two full breaths. Repeat this ten times dynamically, taking two steady breaths each time.

5. Leave the wind behind

Lie on your back and bring your right knee to your right shoulder. Fold your fingers together just below your knee and gently bring it to your shoulder with the weight of your hands. Hold this position for ten breaths. Let go and switch sides.

Hold this position for another ten breaths. Liberation. Pull both knees towards your chest and gently push towards your lower ribs to massage your internal organs and stimulate your digestive system. Hold this position for fifteen breaths.

6. Legs against the wall

Finish the exercise by lying on your back so that your tailbone is as close to the wall as possible. Put your legs against the wall. Place your palms on your sides, face up. Begin to focus on your breathing and match the length of your inhalation to the length of your exhalation. Close your eyes. Rest for at least fifteen quiet breaths.

7. Savasana

Take the feet off the wall and stretch them flat on the mat. Lie down on your mat and further develop your inner awareness in Savasana. After twenty easy breaths, roll onto your right side and slowly rise into a comfortable sitting position.

Open your eyes and take this openness of mind and heart with you into the day or night.

Are there any poses you would include in this senior sitting sequence? Let us know!Everyone knows that yoga is great for you. And with some adjustments, it can even help you to avoid or delay a number of health conditions. Even better, you can do it in just 15 minutes a day. In this case, you are going to do it in a chair, but it is no less important. The proper yoga for seniors can greatly improve quality of life, as well as help maintain health and wellness.. Read more about chair yoga for seniors sequence and let us know what you think.

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