If you live in Washington DC, there is a high chance that you’re already aware of the problems associated with the use of fake vape cartridges. The problem is rampant in the US capital, and dangerous consequences have been found to be caused by fake vaporizers.

Vaping has become extremely popular, especially with teenagers. When they get the chance, they will go out and buy as many vapor products as possible.  Recently, there has been a rise in counterfeit vape cartridges.  These fake vape cartridges come in many forms, such as e-cig cartridges, vape pens, ecig kits, refillable e-cig tanks, and even pre-filled vape cartridges.  Counterfeit vape cartridges can contain very low levels of nicotine, which can lead to serious health problems.  Symptoms of nicotine poisoning include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting blood, seizures, and coma.  If you or someone you know has purchased a counterfeit vape cartridge, you should immediately seek

The FDA has been cracking down on e-cigarette manufacturing and distribution in the District of Columbia. At the end of February, the FDA seized over $1M in vape products from three retailers who were selling counterfeit products to customers. The products seized were e-liquid that is not made by the companies that originally manufactured them, or by approved third-party manufacturers. To make matters worse, these fraudulent e-liquids have caused serious lung injuries and deaths to many people.

Many of the vape cartridges available in Washington are from brands that are severely tainted by counterfeiting, or come in packaging that looks like it came from a legitimate dispensary in California, but those brands don’t actually exist. The Gentleman has scoured the internet to find the brands you should think twice about in light of the vape epidemic that took the lives of 68 people in February 2020. FYI, you can skip the article and go straight to my bad vapes list or my good vapes list if you want. For your information: I have received several questions about whether this information will still be relevant in 2020. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is summarized below.

2020: theupdate of the vape epidemic

  • As of February 18, 20, the CDC recorded 2,807 hospitalizations and 68 deaths related to E-Cig/Vape-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) in the United States and their territories. It’s safe to say that the CDC… has been busy. Long live the second rider, huh, boys?
  • The culprit was the use of vitamin E acetate in vaping solutions. Some media are reporting that this is due to an adulterant called Honey Cut and its imitators.
  • Last year, states also reported that vape cartridges with metal coils leaked lead into the vape oil when heated. This is still the case today, although most companies have switched to ceramic flushing devices like CCELL. The problem is that all of these devices are manufactured in China, which has a long history of exporting dangerous products and materials.
  • Some reputable companies, such as. B. STIIIZY, has introduced a combination of tamper-evident packaging and serial/QR code verification on their official website to reduce fears of counterfeiting. I wouldn’t say it’s a watertight solution, but there’s nothing like buying products from a state-licensed pharmacy, where the state mandates seed-to-sale tracking.
  • The counterfeits I mention below, like Mario Carts and Dank Vapes, still exist because, despite the epidemic, demand for vape cartridges remains constant – in DC and across the country. I like to think they changed their formulas when people got sick last year, but so far no one has officially or unofficially explained what happened. I stand by my advice not to use products labeled as FAKE on my bad vapors list below.

Who has good vapes in DC?

word-image-9603 Okay, you want to know who I think has good vapes in Washington, so I’ll give you that info. BUT! I am not explicitly saying that ANY vape cartridge is safe to use. When considering your health risks, consult the Centers for Disease Control’s warning about serious lung damage from fumes. What I can tell you is that the DC brands use a reputable local extraction team whose oil, in my opinion, can rival any national brand. But don’t panic! The I71 services I recommend may have more than one brand available. I also enjoy Friendly Farms’ resin cartridges available at Bagged Buds, Green Kings and District Chiefer. Confirming the quality of a gentleman begins and ends with these specific points. Point. This is not a blanket endorsement of any vape gifts they may have now or in the future. I try to keep my information accurate and up to date, but please note that the vapes available are subject to change without notice.


Many of the cars in Washington after I71 were homemade. There are videos on YouTube that show how to do this. A vape cartridge is a concentrate of cannabis oil, usually a distillate, in a standard glycol (PG/VG) solution. word-image-9604 I have received my order and I am very satisfied with the service. Some time ago, concerns were raised about the health risks of inhaling the glycol used in a nicotine-based vaping juice. Nowadays, many brands claim they don’t use them, that their oil is pure, yet they often add terpenes or artificial flavors. Besides hemp, other plants also produce terpenes. Let’s say your test results indicate that there is a lot of linalool in vape. This is likely due to the distinct lavender extract added to the oil instead of hemp. You can also add an emulsifier if the oil is very runny. While it is possible to make your own vape cartridges, it is not cost effective without the proper equipment, and even then, most DC cannabis delivery brands do not have the time or manpower to refill their own cartridges, so they use third party recyclers. It’s cheaper and faster to buy ready-made packaging to give your gifts a professional look than to design them from scratch yourself. word-image-9605

How to recognize a fake vape card

If it’s a branded vape cartridge in DC in 2020, it’s almost certainly a fake. The best way to confirm this is to turn on Google, as I did, and see if you can find a vape pack with the brand name. I have also included below some useful links that I found during my research. Counterfeiters keep pace with genuine manufacturers, so instructions on how to tell the difference are quickly outdated. UPDATE. Some reputable brands, such as STIIIZY, have introduced tamper-proof packaging and a serial number or QR code that allows you to verify on the official website that it is a genuine product. This seems like a good solution to me, but not necessarily reliable! It is possible for someone to abuse the purchase of a tamper-evident tape and falsify the serial code or QR code of the product purchased at the pharmacy. Another good way to determine the THC content is to look at the printing on the box rather than a separate label stuck on the box. A brand with a true government license will test every batch, and you won’t print a single result on an entire batch of boxes (the usual runs in China start at 10,000).

Down the rabbit hole

I’ve been working in DC for a long time, so I know some brands that use these transformers and dummy packs. I wanted to give them a chance to tell you why they use them. I won’t name them – it wouldn’t be fair to blame a few of them for what is an epidemic in the local cannabis community, especially given their help with this research. One of them stated that he makes his own carts from his own distillate because he gets a better product than he could get from the source. Two others were surprised at my comment that the brands were fake and said they got them directly from a source in California and wanted to make sure I said they had the real Dank Vapes, Mario Carts, Kingpens and Brass Knuckles. Except that… Two of these stamps suffer from major forgeries (Kingpen and Brass Knuckles) and the other two do not exist. They were confused when I told them that Dank Vapes and Mario Carts had no presence on Leafly, Weedmaps, Sticky Guide or at all online (except on a few dubious social media accounts). I have been informed of the legitimate source of the pens. They have a website, but it’s pretty sparse. As far as I know, it’s a pop-up brand from California. I don’t want to go into this further in the press, but suffice it to say that they were not obtained from the pharmacy, even though it says so on the box.

Poll says!

Think about it. A recreational brand with a state license has a lot to lose if a significant amount of its product enters the gray and black markets. Since the early days of I71, brave souls with medical cards in other states have smuggled in real pharmacy products in limited quantities, bless them, but not enough to meet the demand in this town. You should be suspicious of any brands that are offered to you, at least enough to check the internet for counterfeits. word-image-9606 Counterfeit and imitation vape cartridges likely contain inferior distillate and/or too much juice (glycol), or are even contaminated with pesticides. For example, many commercial cannabis brands use pesticides that are allowed under the laws of their state. It shouldn’t rub off on the end product, but sometimes it does. Also, your food contains a measurable amount of acceptable rat shit, in case you don’t know how capitalism works in the 21st century. The works of the century. Maryland was unique in that its MMJ program did not allow pesticide use at all, but that changed in the first year, underscoring the importance of local laws. You don’t have to worry about the economic impossibility of growing your own medicine. I got many rounds of pharmacies around town and the country that ranged from average to terrible. In my experience, good vape carts are rare. Good shops can provide a COA (certificate of analysis) upon request. All you have to do is decide if you can trust the laboratory that performed the test. Not all laboratories are the same. You cannot limit your expectations to one counterfeit brand, as some people make and fill their own patterns and others get them from reputable sources. So just because I like a particular Brass Knuckles vape cartridge, doesn’t mean all BK cartridges are cool. All right, let’s make a killing!

FALSE! Kingpen

KingPen is a genuine Californian brand under the LoudPack umbrella that is currently suffering from rampant counterfeiting. This is the first time I’ve seen a car with that name here, but I don’t think it was real. This latest sample from another source is very similar – too much glycol and hard distillate. No smoking. Ordering a full range of Kingpen packaging in China is easy as you can see below. I haven’t bought a real Kingpen yet to compare, but I’ll put it on my list for my next trip to California. word-image-3894

FALSE! Mario Karts

That should be obvious. Any cannabis business licensed in a state has to go through the state’s review process, and there’s no way that games copied from Nintendo and aimed at children will get through that process. No. Incidents. So if the packaging is a perfect facsimile of Mario, Donkey Kong or some other popular cartoon, it’s clearly not a legal brand sold in pharmacies. With that in mind, I took a few, and this is what I think: word-image-9607 This is not good. That’s a big shame. I got a headache from the dirty distillate almost immediately after drinking it, after only a few puffs. No.

FACTORY ! Brass Cuffs

Brass Knuckles was the subject of this Merry Jane article. China parodies those guys so much it’s like the Thomas Crown case, you know when they come out of the museum and they’re all wearing bowler hats to confuse the police? Anyway, they reported that the Brass Knuckles brand was so Shanghainese that it had actually copied the anti-copy holography that BK had put in place to prevent counterfeiting. China has the same printing presses we have in the US, Miho! Holographic tape is not damaged. word-image-9608 word-image-9609

FALSE! Thanks Vapes

I found this very informative post on Duds that suggests Dank Vapes is an offshoot of DankWoods, but DankWoods doesn’t mention them on their rather sparse website. You can find a ton of different Dank Vape designs online, some of which even have holograms on them. The only explanation on this box is an unlikely All organic, no propylene glycol and an unlikely 90%+ THC. UPDATE : Thanks to a tip from a reader, I found on Weedmaps a medical collective in California and a delivery service that sells vapes. It’s not as legal as being sold in a recreational dispensary in Cali, as Cali’s medical marijuana program has long had a bad reputation for being a gray market. Combine that with the lack of brand presence (no website, no brand page on a major website like Kingpen or Heavy Hitters) and you can assume that there are many different processors using the same Dank Vapes brand. Some may indeed come from Prop 215 Cali brands, but there’s nothing stopping you from making your own batch. word-image-9610

FACTORY ! The big boys

I’ve heard of Heavy Hitters through channels, and it’s a confirmed real brand, but here’s a super disappointing screenshot of a package purchased on eBay – complete with holographic anti-counterfeiting tape. Vamp Vamp.

FALSE! Exotic cars

Exotic cars are fake too. Like the Dank Vapes, there are a lot of different models, and I bought them from the same online store as the Dank Vapes and in the same packaging. Oh, my God, they’re gonna kill me, aren’t they? Any chance you can hire a supermodel hitman to do it, but seduce me first? I can’t… I can handle it. word-image-9611 They are marked Prop 215, which makes it look like they came from a dispensary, but I understand that California pop-up event brands also claim to work under Prop 215. Unlike Mario Carts, Exotic Carts does not claim to be pesticide-free.

FACTORY ! Willie’s Reserve

Tell me that’s not the case, Willie! I haven’t ordered a batch of the Willie Nelson approved cannabis packaging, but you can see here on Alibaba that they use the exact same image as the one on the actual Willie’s Reserve website. Damn it, Willie, how did you get Beijing so mad? Poker, of course. Oh, we can’t be mad at you. word-image-3895

FALSE! Pure Nectar

Oooh, that looks nice. It is also not listed on the major herbal websites and does not have its own website. Or a page on a social network. So, uh… wrong. At least they don’t claim he’s from California. Here are the pictures of the empty package I bought! word-image-9612 They were shipped from the US with a nice note about their commitment to customer service and quality. Judging by their ubiquity on the Internet, I think it’s Americans reselling Chinese packaging instead of printing it themselves.


A reader pointed me to another fake California brand of vape pods, confirmed in this post on Dab Connection, but the manufacturer refers to Shenzhen, and a search on Alibaba yielded no results for Stiiizy. I found them on DHGate, but all the listings say Out of Stock. But I just got an unsolicited email from a Chinese manufacturer offering me Stiiizy. So there are still fakes! word-image-9613

FALSE! Supreme

Yes, I was confused when I first saw Supreme Vapes. Isn’t this the same brand that flooded Ocean City Waterfront stores with Tupac’s t-shirts with the SUPREME logo painted on his eyes? Do they do vapes now? Apparently not. Here is a website where you can order their vape packs for yourself. word-image-3896

FALSE! OcityTimes

Interestingly, when you type in OCityTimes, a gas station appears in the list of the first Google results. A search for OcityTimes takes us directly to Alibaba and the Shenzhen Corp homepage for their full line of OcityTimes vaping devices and packaging. It’s not a famous brand, far from it. word-image-3897

FALSE! Loud Farmz & Black Market Boys

I found a link to buy Black Market Boys and Loud Farmz packs on Leafly from shatterlabelstore.com, which doesn’t work. You have a phone number (800-585-9509) that contains a valid greeting. I found Loud Farmz on Alibaba, right next to BMB. Both packages seem pretty straightforward. Definitely not a legal brand sold in pharmacies.

FALSE! LoudCloud

No online presence on WeedMaps, Leafly or Sticky Guide. No website of its own (I found a vape shop with that name in Mobile, Alabama. I don’t think it’s the same). Not legal! word-image-3898

FALSE! Blossom Tech

When we finished our search on Alibaba, we found Blossom Tech on another site dedicated to Shenzhen. Not legitimate! word-image-3899

More false stamps!

I get unsolicited emails from Chinese manufacturers trying to sell me all these brands (Updated 10/7/19) with the following comment: Fast shipping at competitive price, normal leakage is about 3% opening. LOL.

  • Intelligent cars
  • Grain truck
  • TKO
  • Moon Rock Clear
  • JUUL Capsules
  • Eureka
  • White trolleys
  • Car Rove
  • Smartbud
  • Packing wood

I recently spotted a pack of Cookies vape’s popular brand on DHGate, along with Dabwoods and Alpine Glass. I also found Los Angeles Kush Farms on Amazon. Someone recently asked me for ice cream, which I couldn’t find online, but it doesn’t seem legitimate at all. You’ll never get that brand approved by a state program.

Have you found others to share with a gentleman? Lift me up, Chief!

Last week, a vape pen exploded while my son was using it, at a local gas station. Unlike a traditional cigarette, which is lit and inhaled, a vape pen generates vapor by heating a substance from a chamber (called a cartridge) to a temperature high enough to convert the liquid into a vapor without smoke. In the case of a vape pen, the cartridge is filled with a liquid that the user can insert into the pen and inhale.. Read more about potomac extracts washington dc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do DC dispensaries sell fake carts?

I wrote this blog for the sole purpose of notifying DC residents that some of the vape cartridges they are buying from vaping shops (like Vape World) are fake. They may have the same looks and packaging, but they are definitely not the same. There has been a recent rash of fake vape cartridges being sold in Washington DC. These are not the real thing and are often filled with heavy metals and other nasty chemicals. Vape carts are not the same as cartomizers as they are designed to be disposable. If you have an allergy to latex or have a latex allergy, be aware that these carts are often filled with a latex-free wicking material.

Is it safe to buy carts in DC?

Not all vaping products are created equal. If you are looking for a vape cart that can help you quit smoking, a reliable source of vaping products with an affordable price tag, then buy from the best vape carts in Washington, DC. We have all of the top vapers in Washington, DC, and we offer the best vape carts in DC to the vaping community. The federal government recently announced that tobacco products will be sold in stores that have been authorized as tobacco retail locations. The only problem is that many retailers have not applied for the necessary permits and are not licensed to sell tobacco products. Some of them may also be selling e-liquids disguised as tobacco products, including fake vape cartridges.  The edibles industry is already in violation of the Food and Drug Administration’s rule because e-liquids are not regulated as food or drugs. Under the terms of the rule, retailers cannot misrepresent the contents of a product, and product labels cannot contain false or misleading statements about the product.

How do you tell if you got a fake cartridge?

Ever wonder if that cartridge you just bought is fake? How do you know you’re getting the real thing? Does it have a valid receipt, and did you pay with a credit card? Would you be able to confirm your purchase was made from a legitimate source? Or, did your friend tell you that he got it from his brother who got it from a guy he met on the street? To vape or not to vape? That is the question many new vapers have to answer, and it comes down to a few important factors. Are you purchasing your vaping accessories from a reputable manufacturer? Are the coils safe to use? Are the juices you buy from reliable sources? Are you buying from a reputable online retailer?

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