Toni Bauer helps women make a difference in their own health and in the lives of their children. She has a unique and proven coaching system that works for women who want to lose weight and get healthier, and also for mothers who want to be better mothers, both for themselves and for their families.

I was never one to always sit back and wait for things to happen to me. I like to take a proactive stand and take charge of my life, after all, it’s my life. I thought I would share some of my secrets on how I got where I am today. I have always struggled with weight.

I work with them every day, so I know how good the coaches are.

Today you’re gonna meet one of them, Tony Bauer. This way, you can discover it too.


I would like to register to learn more about Tony Bauer. But the first ten minutes of our conversation is about me, not her.

I’ve just returned to Crossfit after a six-week absence and Tony wants to know how I’m doing.

Was the training adapted to your needs? Have you been tested?

The concern in his voice was clear. Her friend recently suffered an injury during a fitness class, and she frowns at the thought of me having a similar experience.

When she hears about my teacher’s thoughtful and personal approach, her relief is obvious.

Good, good. I’m so glad, she said. Some coaches… They’re just pushing their own agenda. Or they don’t look at the person. As long as he listens to you, that’s all that matters.

And this is Tony. Caring, dedicated – and a true professional.

Coach Toni runs with his family at the annual Turkey Trot.

Topic changes at gym dating.

The fascinating but often tedious process of trying out new gyms to see if their hours, equipment and training methods will help us achieve our personal goals.

I hate this, Tony said. Sometimes I want a new challenge, but at the same time…. ….

You can waste so much energy investigating, I interrupt.

That’s it, she agrees. Juggle the tables to get there. Motion. Try some courses.


Of course, I don’t have to deal with it anymore, she said. I found a solution.

My ears are blocked. О ?

She hesitates for half a minute.

Yes, she says. Another break.

What is it?

She smiled, a little embarrassed, and then spoke freely.

We turned our room into a gym.

You what?

We built a gym in the bedroom.

I know, I know, she added. It sounds a little crazy. But our house is pretty small, and there was literally no other space.

So after a major remodel of the kitchen and other parts of the house, Toni and her husband got back to work painting, shelving and reorganizing.

Tonight they are sleeping in the guest room, with a stool instead of a dresser.

I think it would be pretty radical for some people, she admits. But it works for us.

And if you think about it, this way of repairing makes a lot of sense. It is the perfect expression of Tony’s values. After all, fitness and health are at the core of the company’s identity, so why not devote some space to them?

coach Toni’s solution to a gym appointment is a home gym in her bedroom.

A fitness professional may not seem like a logical career choice for someone with an international business degree.

But fitness has always been Tony’s passion, and working in this field has always been his dream.

After having two children, it was only natural for her to start her own personal training business. Thanks to their excellent performance – and the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers – their company, Elev8 Health and Fitness, became profitable in its first year – an unheard-of achievement in this highly competitive sector.

Everything was fine – at first glance. There was just a little problem. A series of moves over the years had left Toni increasingly emaciated and frail. When another move forced her to move from Texas to Illinois, she collapsed.

This time she didn’t have to deal with the usual hassle of moving – getting used to the kids, making new friends and all. But she also gave up her dream home and her successful business. She put everything she had into it. And now it’s all gone… including his professional identity.

That was the last straw.

Exhausted, heartbroken, emotionally distant from her family and herself, and stuck, Toni did what many of us do: She ate. As the pounds increased, she felt more and more ashamed. How could she, as a professional coach, let something like that happen to her?

Fortunately, as a fitness fanatic who is always looking to improve her skills, she already knew . She was humble enough to realize that she needed to be coached herself.

So she signed up for the PN coaching program. She spent an incredible year renovating her last home. A renewed determination and dynamism. And at the end of the program, she walked away with the grand prize and a whole new sense of hope for her future.

On the Waves with her new found momentum and passion for health.

Sometimes we look at the winners and think that they have always had it easy. But in Tony’s case, this assumption would be false.

When she was four and a half years old, she lost her mother by suicide. The sudden death of a parent is a blow to any child. But to make matters worse, Toni was separated from her two older sisters by the court after her mother’s death. As a result, she lost all her close female relatives – all at the same time.

Toni’s father remarried when she was six, but she and her stepmother were never intimate. As a result, she suffered losses as a child and lacked an important female role model for many years.

The result was predictable. For years she searched for the maternal care that was so lacking. By meeting him again and again, she was trying to get even a tiny bit of the unconditional love and attention she subconsciously knew she needed. And again and again she was disappointed.

But even the worst experiences can help us grow – if we let them. And one of the positive aspects of her painful story is Tony’s ability to take an almost objective look at relationships between women.

I didn’t have what other people had, so I was always looking, she says. It gave me a better understanding of how women can struggle with each other and with themselves. I have learned to listen without getting carried away by the emotions of others.

This is a skill she uses in her coaching business, where often an impartial eye and ability to listen are exactly what clients need most.

Tony’s early experiences not only taught him objectivity, but also showed him the importance of mentors. Growing up, she was lucky enough to find several, and while their interests varied, they had one thing in common: their ability to get things done and follow their dreams. Together they gave her hope that she could live her life according to her deepest passions.

And yet, no matter how wonderful her mentors were, they could not give her the unconditional love of a mother. And the process of acknowledging this, accepting it and moving on has been long and often difficult.

Of course now I know I’m not the only one who missed that kind of love, she says. I also understand that it has to come from myself. Take care of yourself. Self-love. I was not aware of this before the PN coaching.

PN coaching gave Tony the space he needed to focus on his own health.

The program itself was all about me, she said. This time to focus on my own needs was precious and necessary.

The program gave her the foundation she needed to move forward. After graduation, she wanted to enhance her already considerable coaching skills through certification. And as a mentor, she has returned to help others.

I jumped to my feet, she said, and the enthusiasm in her voice was unmistakable. It’s such a privilege to see the program from the other side, as a mentor and coach, and to pass on your experiences to others. I love learning!

She also enjoys putting what she learns into practice, both with individual clients and large groups. At the NP meetings in Fort Collins and Chicago, she was very popular with the crowd of frippers of the day, who were eager to learn her secrets for entering the winner’s circle.

But Tony would say that participation in itself makes one a winner.

His presentations focused on resolution and trust, two important topics that can confuse even the most determined clients and are equally important to everyone, no matter where they are in their journey.

You have to trust the coaches, she told an enthusiastic group of listeners in Fort Collins. They must allow themselves to believe that they know what they are doing. In time, you will learn to trust each other.

You also need to give others permission to help you, she adds. And for many women who are used to putting the needs of others before their own, this lesson is particularly difficult to learn.

Let others help you be great, Tony urges. You can’t do this alone.

This is where exceptional coaching comes to the rescue. And Toni is a great trainer because, in addition to her education and experience, she’s literally been where her clients are – overweight – not to mention embarrassed, ashamed and overwhelmed by their situation.

Having struggled with emotional overeating herself, she knows that sometimes food is more than just fuel. Sometimes food is a distraction. Sometimes it’s a matter of convenience. Sometimes it replaces love.

Either way, Tony knows it’s important to get to the root of our dysfunctional eating habits in order to change them.

Every client is unique. Everyone has their own difficulties, Tony says. I have a gift for guiding people and helping them on their journey.

Coach Tony (far right) with Coach Krista Schaus (in white shirt) and two dunners.

Toni can proudly say that she is a customer for life.

Every time I reread the lessons, I learn something new, she says.

One of her favorite points from the program is the following question: What will you do in the next three minutes to get closer to your goal?

Sometimes that just means adding an extra cup of spinach to my meal to make sure I get an extra serving of vegetables. And sometimes that just means doing 20 push-ups.

I now use it in other areas of my life as well. It helps me not to put off cleaning the house until later, but to break it down. I do what I can in the next three minutes before deciding what to do next.

Because the house always needs to be cleaned. Anyway.

Even on the day Krista Schaus gave me the award, I was doing laundry and helping with homework, she laughs.

If there’s one thing she wants her clients to understand, it’s that PN coaches live normal lives.

We are wives, mothers, partners, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, volunteers.

That means preparing meals, making appointments, running errands, standing in traffic jams, making phone calls, cleaning, making lists, vacuuming and washing dishes, all while trying to stay healthy and fit.

So do their customers.

I know what it’s like to try to balance personal life, work and training, says Tony. And I know what daily life is like.

His voice is warm, full of empathy and understanding, born of long experience.

I’m like my clients. The only difference is that I’m a few steps ahead.

A few steps ahead. Light the way. This is Tony Bauer.

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