Ripe bananas are the best for baking. However, the skin of ripe bananas is more than just a bit of added flavor on the end of the banana. It’s also full of anthocyanin pigments, antioxidants, and fiber that are some of the best foods you can eat on a ketogenic diet.

These days, people are more health conscious than ever, and for a good reason: our bodies are functioning at a much lower level than they should. Since many of us are trying to lose weight, this is especially problematic, as our body fat becomes an unhealthy burden we are carrying around. There are many proven solutions to this, but one of the most popular is the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is not a fad diet, but an improvement on our current health. It will help boost our metabolism, help burn fat, and keep the pounds off without having to make changes to our meals.

As a Keto-dieter, I love to eat ripe bananas. Many of the foods I eat are made with bananas. Due to the carb restrictions on a keto diet, I have to limit the amount of bananas that I eat, so I bought more once I noticed they were on sale. I purchased 4 large bananas so I just eat them at once. I eat one every morning and at night, and I have two every other night. I make banana bread, banana muffins and banana ice cream. I love to be able to enjoy the full taste of the bananas by eating them.


Do you like bananas but despise carbs?

If you’re on a keto diet and miss the flavor of ripe bananas, I’ve got some excellent news for you! I just purchased a bottle of OliveNation Pure Banana Extract to use in a dish, and the flavor was so good that I thought it needed its own spotlight!


I was blown away by the genuine banana taste provided by OliveNation Pure Banana Extract when I used it to create a creamy, ketogenic-friendly banana pudding cheesecake. The aroma was amazing, and the flavor was delicate, delicious, and 100% genuine.


I never would have guessed the cheesecake recipe didn’t call for bananas if I hadn’t prepared it myself (except for the pieces used on top as a topping). The extract is responsible for all of the cheesecake’s genuine banana taste.

By the way, this keto banana pudding cheesecake recipe is fantastic, so go ahead and get a bottle of banana extract right now so you can start cooking as soon as it arrives.

And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement. I just must share this product since I adore it!


This is my new favorite banana extract, despite the fact that we’ve tried others. It’s gluten-free and sugar-free since the only ingredients are alcohol, water, and natural flavors.

OliveNation’s pure banana extract, unlike imitations, is produced from real bananas, and I believe you’ll notice a significant change in flavor when you convert from imitations to extracts.


This pure banana extract is a wonderful addition to your cupboard if you enjoy the flavor of bananas but don’t want to eat them. This is a fantastic way to incorporate the health benefits of ripe bananas into your keto diet! Make a smoothie, bread, or pudding with it, or try one of our favorite recipes:


I’m going to order a bottle from Amazon right now:

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Keto is a dietary approach that promises to help you safely lose weight and boost your energy levels. To stay on the diet, you need to eat a lot of fat, a lot of protein, and lots of low carb vegetables. Since most of us don’t eat beans that are high in fiber, many people resort to eating banana extract. However, this is a very processed food that isn’t healthy for your body. Instead, you should go for fresh ripe bananas. They have a beautiful taste that goes well with all the keto recipes, and you can feel free to indulge in them. They are full of antioxidants, which will help you lose weight.. Read more about alcohol free banana extract and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many carbs are in banana extract?

There are approximately 10 grams of carbs in 1 tablespoon of banana extract.

What is the best banana extract?

There are a lot of different banana extracts on the market, so youll have to do your research and find one that works best for you.

How do you extract the flavor of a banana?

You can use a blender to extract the flavor of a banana.

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