The London Poundcake is a new hybrid and is a cross of a classic dessert and a new, exotic Lilac blooms hybrid. These blooms are known for their great beauty and compact, tightly packed buds.

London Poundcake (Exotic Blooms) | With a name like exotic blooms, you would think this dish is a bit out of my comfort zone. But, I’m a sucker for anything with a touch of culinary exotica. I mean, who doesn’t like jasmine? And, I love a good dessert with an exotic name. The ‘poundcake’ part of the name I can take or leave. I mean, it’s a nice idea, but why is it so necessary? But, I digress. In this case, the name does not imply anything about the flavor: it is just a descriptive word for a dish that requires some cooking, but is essentially a baked custard. The exotic blooms

Corona sewing is my favorite part of Apocalypse so far. Of course the gentleman decided to wear a bandana in the classic desperado style. My favorite combination is my dad’s American flag scarf, a baseball cap, and camouflage-inspired sunglasses. I look like a dangerous fool who’s short of a meal to start a militia. I think the neon green dishwashing gloves increase the intimidation factor, don’t you? I also have a very stylish bandana in the color of the night sky that matches my purple mandala lion hat, but it’s for formal occasions. Of course, as the introduction of Exotic Blooms! LOOK AT EXOTIC BLOOMS ! word-image-6964 I love the Exotic Blooms website. It has a sleek, luxurious aesthetic and an extensive, easy-to-navigate menu full of beautiful photos. Once you find what you’re looking for, call/text Exotic Blooms at +1 (202) 317-9158 to place your sticker order and select gifts. Happy hour is Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 6pm. Don’t forget to send them selfies and a picture of your ID! It’s commonplace in Washington these days, amigo. Shipping is $20, but if you say you saw them here on the site, you get $10 off your first sticker purchase! word-image-6965 Today we look at her London Poundcake flowers. The eighth one I picked up was full of three swollen light green nuggets dotted with orange and amber hairs. This specimen is perfectly manicured, with no superfluous stems or sugar leaves. Tiny trichomes cluster along the width like a shaggy carpet. The cones are fairly tight, but a little dry. Overall, the bag feels excellent. word-image-6966 When I sniff London Poundcake, I smell a slightly luscious vanilla scent. Despite the lack of flavor, the smoke is mild, meaning there is no aftertaste – a biting sensation in the mouth or lungs when smoking. The smoke is a bit heavy though, which has to do with whether it makes me cough or not. In this case, it’s when I take a big hit. Overall, it’s a great cigarette that I keep picking up. word-image-6967 London Poundcake by Exotic Blooms whets the appetite. Somewhere between half an hour and an hour the gentleman is led to satisfy his sudden hunger once more in the helpless pantry. My butt has gotten fat from my frequent visits to the store, and the herd of sugar-laden carbs needs to be thinned out. …. thinned out… Wheat Thins… washed down with… Yes, yes, of course… Maple syrup. I’ll be back. Physically, as you can imagine, London Poundcake leans towards indica. It puts me in a calm and serene mood, and – in moderate amounts, with caffeine – I find it conducive to creativity, even somewhat cerebral. It definitely helped me focus on writing my book this week. It’s a great addition to listening to music when you have things to do – check out today’s listening worm! But when you’re done with the horror, LPC is also very funny, so it’s great for Letterkenny. T-shirts! In case you didn’t already know, I really like London Poundcake from Exotic Blooms. I highly recommend you try them!

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