Dear friends, this article is about a coaching session that I had with a client. She is a single mom of two young girls. Her parents are still living and they have been giving her a hard time. Their disapproval of the fact that she is not married and has no kids has been very hurtful to her. She thinks she is not good enough for marriage and a family of her own. This has been eating away at her for years. I am going to share with you what I told her during our coaching session.

We all have those days when we look in the mirror and all we see is fat, but losing weight and keeping it off is something you can do. It’s something that you can do even if you’re not lucky enough to have the sort of figure that people with perfect skin, great hair, and the perfect smile are lucky enough to have. It’s something that you can do if you can’t afford the gym membership, can’t afford the expensive programs, and can’t afford the time that it takes to work out.

There are some factors in our life that we have no control of. Our weight is one of them, but by taking control of our weight, we regain control of these factors. Weight loss is a natural process when you lose your weight without any effort. You can lose weight by eating healthy food, exercising, and avoiding junk food.. Read more about why coaching fails and let us know what you think.

Laurie Pooch was a former aerobics instructor who understood a lot about fitness. She thought she’d tried everything to reduce weight at 56, with a history of repeated diets and thyroid issues.

She hadn’t attempted to relinquish some control and allow her coaches lead the way. Coaching provided her with that expert support, and she lost 51 pounds, made $25,000, and was more happy as a result.

Laurie’s Improvement

I dropped 51 pounds and 14.8 percent body fat!


  • 56 years old
  • 51 pound weight loss (from 174 lbs to 123 lbs)
  • 14.8 percent of body fat was lost (from 29.8 percent to 15 percent )
  • 36 inches were lost in total (from 231 inches to 195 inches)

ten compelling arguments

It may sound counterintuitive, but some people struggle to lose weight because they are afraid of losing something else in the process.

Laurie Pooch would have scoffed at that thought not long ago. She characterizes herself as a “nuts-and-bolts” type of person, warm, practical, and down-to-earth – a true mid-Westerner. She is turned off by New Age pondering.

Laurie learned something new throughout her year as a coach: mourning our former selves and feeling apprehensive about our new, thinner bodies is a very normal experience for those of us who lose a lot of weight.

Meanwhile, it helps to remind ourselves of what we stand to gain if we want to stay on track with our goals.

Laurie is counting the numerous reasons she loves her new found shape now that she’s lost 51 unwanted pounds against some fairly significant odds — and won the $25,000 grand prize.

Here are ten examples.

1. “I like how my t-shirts now hang lightly over my hips rather than being cinched around my waist.”

Laurie used to think she’d never be able to say something like that. In fact, she couldn’t help but be a little pessimistic about her chances of achieving long-term, consistent weight loss.

After all, it’s easy to conclude that your metabolism is gone when you’re 56, menopausal, a serial yo-yo dieter, and have been exercising diligently for decades with little result.

Laurie, on the other hand, had another reason to be skeptical. She had been taking thyroid medication for years since she had an underactive thyroid. As if that wasn’t enough, she’d also had thyroid cancer surgery and radioactive iodine treatment.

Everyone “knows” that thyroid sufferers have a harder time losing weight. Her doctor even suggested that she would have a difficult time losing weight.

It’s no surprise. Laurie was depressed.


Laurie, who was menopausal and recuperating from thyroid cancer, was disappointed and apprehensive about regaining her physique.

2. “I appreciate not having to pull my shirt or waistband out of all the folds of stomach fat when I sit down.”

Her sister, Leann, was the one who introduced her to coaching.

Laurie’s normal exercise regimens had been sidetracked by a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. She’d started eating to compensate for her frustrations, boredom, and disappointment.

Things were rapidly deteriorating. Her stomach and hips were becoming progressively padded as she moved south. Laurie was in a bad mood.

She realized she had to act when the scale read 174 pounds, her highest weight ever.

True, she has a slim probability of succeeding. Her health would begin to suffer if she did not make a commitment to change soon. She didn’t want to add heart disease or diabetes to her list of ailments after battling cancer.

Laurie decided to conduct some research and join Leann’s coaching program after hearing about it from Leann.

She claims the rest was “simple.”

3. “I enjoy eating well and don’t want to punish myself for overindulging in unhealthy foods once more.”

She says, “I loved that the curriculum was a year long.” “I figured that way, it would have more time to sink in.”

Laurie is known for her self-deprecating humor. She isn’t one to hype her achievements, and she attributes much of her success to the program’s structure and design.

She says, “I felt I’d tried everything.” “I believed I’d mastered the art of attempting everything.”

What she hadn’t done was handing up control to a professional coach, enlisting community support, and developing persistent routines.

Coaching provided her with the support, camaraderie, and consistency, and the obstinate weight started to fall off.

4. “I enjoy knowing that I can do anything I want – a half marathon, a kickboxing class, a yoga session – anything!”

Laurie admits that starting slowly was difficult. “I had to relearn how to be a beginner.”

And as a former aerobics instructor who knew her stuff when it came to fitness, she had to be humble about it. For a change, she had to give up being the expert and just do what she was told. It was an unusual and uncomfortable situation at first.

The prize, though, was well worth the effort.

“Having the workouts printed out was fantastic. I didn’t have to think about it. I didn’t have to keep track of calories. I didn’t have to be concerned about the next week. “All I had to do was complete each day’s assignment as it came up,” she adds.

And it turned out that “every day’s task” was the most she could handle.

5. “I love how much fun I had the other day trying on bikinis!” “Even two-piecers!” exclaims the narrator.

Laurie ponders longingly, “I thought it was going to be a nice, calm year.” “I’d concentrate on losing weight and that would be it.”

However, the universe had other ideas. Laurie had hoped for a relaxing, uneventful year, but it turned out to be one of the most challenging of her life.

To begin, she and her husband, Doug, decided to sell their home.

It was their dream home, and they adored it, but it had grown too enormous for them now that their children had left, and it had become prohibitively expensive to maintain. They opted to look for something more small and appropriate for their current requirements.

They had to make some hasty decisions when the place sold in ten days, far faster than they had anticipated.

They’d moved in with their grown son, taking over the top floor of another property that he’d been renting from them, almost before they realized it.

Parents with adult children sharing a home: It’s a rather typical occurrence these days. But no one has ever described it as simple.

Laurie enjoying a two-piecer once again, and looking as athletic as she feels.

Laurie is wearing a two-piecer once more, and she looks as fit as she feels.

6. “I’m so glad I’m buying a size 6 instead of a size 14!”

Then there’s the stress of downsizing. Laurie explains, with her customary understatement, “We had quite a bit of stuff to sell or store.” And their son’s apartment was cramped. It’s really little.

Can you spell the word “stress”? After all, the item “change in residence” is on the Holmes and Rahe stressful life events scale for a reason.

Laurie, on the other hand, continued to work as an administrative assistant at a high school, a profession that naturally brings a daily dose of noise and disorder into one’s life.

For some, these variables may have been sufficient to sabotage any weight-loss efforts.

Laurie’s regular check-ins on the Coaching home page, on the other hand, kept her focused on her objectives. Whatever else happened, she was adamant about getting her check mark for sticking to her daily routine and working out.

She was able to keep on track because to the structure and community.

7. “I adore being able to relax comfortably on an aircraft seat without touching the person next to me!”

Fortunately, the relocation went off without a hitch.

Laurie and Doug were able to spend time together on one floor and their kid on another, allowing them to spend time together when they wanted and keep their privacy when they needed it.

Laurie missed her previous home, but she enjoyed planning their new one and spending more time with their granddaughter.

The one thing she hadn’t thought about was how it would be to share the kitchen.

“I suppose I could have cooked more often,” she admits, her voice tinged with skepticism.

“I could have pushed myself to do it. However, in comparison to what I was used to, our son’s kitchen is a disaster. “And yet…”

Her voice falls silent for a moment before she laughs. “We ended up eating a lot of fast food.”

Restaurant meals might be difficult to lose weight because of their large quantities, rich sauces, sophisticated drinks, and greasy temptations.

Laurie was fortunate in that coaching provided her with the tools she needed to deal with these circumstances.

She questioned if she’d end up back at her prior set weight of 150 pounds when she got there. Despite her less-than-ideal conditions, though, the pounds continued to fall off.

She describes it as “wonderful.”

Not only that, but her general physique changed for the first time in her life.

“I always ended up with the same body shape – a pear with hefty hips and thighs – no matter how much weight I shed in the past. But with Coaching, I was able to lose tummy fat and slim down my hips and legs,” she says.


Laurie, 56 years old, looks and feels far younger than she ever imagined.

8. “I enjoy bumping into individuals I haven’t seen in a long time and hearing, ‘Wow!’ You look fantastic, and you appear to be lot younger!’ (That’s never old!)”

There’s no way around it. Looking well is a huge motivator. Laurie had already begun to see the fruits of her labors at the halfway point of the program.

So, if a move and a long series of restaurant meals had been the worst she’d had to deal with, she’d consider herself extremely fortunate.

Instead, she was hit by one of the most horrific blows any of us can endure midway through Coaching. Marj, her younger sister, was told she had ovarian cancer.

The entire family was shaken by the news. Laurie was immediately reminded of her own five-year battle with cancer.

Health is both priceless and perishable. Life is really valuable.

Laurie traveled to Arizona to be closer to Marj and her mother after she underwent surgery in August.

Then, in October, Marj died as a result of treatment complications. Laurie found herself on the road once more, this time on a far more depressing mission.

“I can’t image what it would be like to lose my daughter as a mother – it’s simply beyond me,” she says.

In the face of such tragedy, many of us would struggle to continue our beneficial behaviors.

Even in the depths of her sadness, Laurie found that coaching helped her stay grounded. Instead of making her life more difficult, the routines aided her.

Working out in her mother’s residential complex’s rec center wasn’t ideal, but moving her body reminded Laurie of all she had to be thankful for — and kept her going during a particularly trying period.


Laurie found strength in running and her workouts in the face of family tragedy.

9. “It’s great that I now appear to be as sporty as I feel!”

Laurie contacted her coach, Kate Kline, whenever she had a question throughout Coaching.

Kate describes her client as “the ideal customer” since she “completely embraced the program.” Even though she thought it was a little out of the ordinary.”

Not only that, but she also communicated with her teammates and husband, Doug.

Laurie recalls, “When I first started, we couldn’t afford the program.” “Well… We couldn’t afford it, I reasoned. Doug, on the other hand, looked into it and thought it sounded fantastic, so he said we’d figure out a way for me to do it. He was there for me every step of the way.”

Doug even stood by Laurie for the program’s final photo shoot, something Laurie had been dreading.

Participants are urged to hire a professional photographer for the photo shoot in order to best depict their weight loss experience. This is an odd and surprising assignment for many.

Laurie, being the shy sort, was apprehensive about posing for a stranger. Doug, on the other hand, assisted her in overcoming her shame. Though she despised the experience at the time, she is grateful for the images now.

And it’s no surprise.

They portray a vivacious, strong, healthy, and capable woman. A woman with a grin so dazzling and lovely that it could light up even the darkest room. A woman who appears to be much younger than her actual age. A woman who is in the best shape she has been in decades.

Laurie Pooch, 56, has transformed into the woman she is now thanks to Coaching.

10. “I love being able to tell people about Coaching and how it helped me get to where I am now!”

Laurie found the most challenging aspect of the program to be what she refers to as “woo-woo thinking” – classes that required her to examine herself and reflect.

She remembers thinking, “What is this mind-body stuff?”

“However, forcing myself to do those assignments helped,” she continues. “It was quite beneficial.”

Working through those challenging lessons, along with her practical, can-do attitude, forced her to break some long-standing patterns, assuring she’d make a lasting shift.

I inquire as to what advise she would give to someone else considering the program.

“Set away any preconceived notions you may have. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to go ahead. Simply do the duties for the day. Don’t be concerned with anything else.”

She pauses for a time, maybe reflecting on all the challenges she had to overcome: her age, thyroid disease, cancer, relocation, restaurant meals, travel, and the loss of a sibling.

She ultimately responds, “Really, there’s no reason not to succeed at this.” “It’s quite well thought out and designed.”

“If I can do it, anyone can,” she adds.


Laurie demonstrates that, despite the obstacles, anyone can succeed in coaching.

Would you like to read more fantastic stories like Laurie’s? Then meet a few additional men, women, and couples who have shed pounds, improved their diets, and taken charge of their health.

Do you want to finally achieve the healthy, vibrant body you’ve always desired?

Many people find it difficult to maintain improved diet and lifestyle habits, especially when progress appears to be halting. What the professionals know: Change is constant; all you have to do is know what to look for.

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It’s also why, through our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs, we teach health and fitness professionals how to help their own customers identify success and stay encouraged while they face similar problems.

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Most of the time when I talk to folks on my coaching programs over the phone, I hear answers to the question “ Why do you want to lose weight?”, where the answer is “I am overweight and I want to be healthy and fit and look good.”. Read more about winners condition and themselves to winning mcq and let us know what you think.

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