Yoga is one of those things that you can do at any age or fitness level, but it does help to be enrolled in a quality yoga studio. Yoga studio software, whether for online yoga teachers or studio owners, can help you run your business and keep your clients coming back. While there are several options available, here are the top 9 yoga studio software options to help you stay on top of your business.

Most yoga studios have their own software to keep track of their students, and many teachers prefer to use separate software to keep track of their own classes. (For example, you may want to keep a separate address book for all your students, because you won’t be inviting them to your holiday parties.) That means yoga studios are often left holding the bag when it comes to integrating their software with their studio’s. After all, if you’re busy keeping track of your students, how much time can you really spend worrying about your studio’s software?

Yoga teachers have long been using Yoga studio software to keep track of their students and their classes. The top software lets you create schedules, track students grades, allow students to book and pay for classes online, and much more. As a yoga teacher, you can take advantage of many programs that allow you to create your own website, and create an online business for yourself.

Do you want to be more efficient in your yoga activity? Then you need tools to automate routine tasks, for example. B. :

  • Reservations for students
  • receipt of payments
  • Take your online marketing to the next level.

But today, there are more than 100 yoga studio programs on the market to meet different needs. It is difficult to find the best solution for your situation. That’s why we created this comprehensive article. We have analyzed and tested 15 of the best yoga programs to help you choose the best one. We have segmented the resources according to these three types of yoga teachers:

  • Individual yoga instructors
  • Owners of small and single studios
  • Owners of large rooms or rooms with multiple beds

So go to the section that best fits your current situation to get our best recommendation. Before we begin, can you tell us if you currently use a yoga program? If so, please tell us which one so we can collect the results from all our yoga teachers:

Best Yoga Studio Software for Personal Yoga Teachers

If you are a solo yoga teacher and offer your classes mostly online, this is the best software for you. Probably your basic needs:

  • Book and pay online
  • Ability to sell memberships, recurring payments and possibly one-time payments for an online course or e-book.
  • Ideally with marketing functions (email marketing, text message reminders, etc.)

Which you don’t usually need:

  • POS system for on-site registration
  • Advanced customer relationship management (CRM) functionality
  • Staffing/occupancy reports

Here are our top recommendations if you fall into this category:


word-image-7744 is an entry-level solution for your software company. Starting at just $10 a month (there’s even a completely free plan), you can start your business with a very small investment. However, to fully customize your yoga business, you may need to purchase paid add-ons. These tools offer a number of paid add-ons included in each of their packages, so you can customize them to your needs and keep costs down. The basic plan gives you everything you need to offer your services: Your students can easily book and pay online. You can display the planner on your page. You can track attendance, send reminders, and use coupons to increase sales. word-image-7745 You can also sign up to their (similar to the MindBody marketplace), although we don’t think this will get you many additional customers. It may not be as user-friendly as our next recommendation, Acuity, but if you need a simple appointment system (with a free option), it’s a great program to start with.

2- Sharpness planning

word-image-7746 There’s a reason why Acuity Scheduling is one of our best options for a solo yoga teacher:

  • It is the most user-friendly software in its category.
  • The price/performance ratio is excellent
  • It has all the features a teacher needs to teach online.

Starting at $15 per month, a course instructor has most of the features he or she needs to sell online courses. You get essentially the same features as with It integrates well with Zoom and Google Meet, and with the most popular email marketing programs (like Mailchimp). word-image-7747 It is also one of the most customizable programs in its class, both on the front end (design) and back end (automation and control). And their help is great, fast and friendly. On the other hand, if you want to offer memberships and subscriptions, you should opt for the Growing plan at $23 per month. In our opinion, it’s still value for money (considering what it delivers). Like all meeting software, it lacks customer relationship management (CRM) and advanced marketing features. However, you can sync Acuity with many popular third-party providers, such as Mailchimp, to take advantage of these features. It meets all the requirements for operating a sole proprietorship. You can also have multiple collaborators/partners, although at some point it may be more productive to switch to a more holistic yoga software (like the second category).

3- Terminability

word-image-7748 Schedulicity starts at $20 a month. But for this price, you’re missing out on many of the essential features you need for normal operation (SMS reminders, package management, automatic billing, etc.). Therefore, we believe that the two previous software solutions offer better value for money. However, if you’re looking for a high-end system with built-in marketing features, such as email marketing, it could be a great option (although you’ll have to pay about $50 a month for all these features). For this higher price, you get excellent customer support and user-friendly software (very well designed). But honestly, for most individual yoga teachers, I’d settle for Acuity or….

Other planning software not currently considered


It’s a great solution at a very attractive price ($10/month), but we don’t think it’s configurable enough to provide your customers with a seamless experience. But we’ll keep it a secret for now and do a full review at a later date.


Another potentially good alternative with an attractive free plan. However, to keep your yoga studio functioning properly, you will probably need their $25/month growth plan.

Book trunk

We are still waiting for a demo so we can fully evaluate their offerings. Prices start at $20 per month. We will update this page as soon as we have access to it.

Best Yoga Studio Software for the Single Studio Owner

These programs are geared more towards small studio owners with virtual and personalized offers. They typically offer better class management, more robust CRM systems, better class conditioning, etc. But these all cost more than simple scheduling software. In addition to the basic functions of the scheduling system, you get :

  • More effective team/staff management
  • More efficient customer management
  • Better software integration
  • Stronger marketing opportunities

Here are our top software recommendations if you fall into this category:

1- Momoyoga

word-image-3293 Momoyoga is specially designed for yoga teachers. It provides an excellent user experience for teachers and students. The class management is powerful and gives you a good overview of the number of classes, attendance, absences, etc. It also provides a great app for yogis to find and book classes online. If you teach yoga independently, the price is very attractive: $20 per month. But as you add teachers to your team, the price increases by about $4 per month for each new teacher. word-image-7749 We find the booking and payment process a bit complicated, but for this price it’s still a good deal. Overall, this is a well-designed and beautiful piece of software at an attractive price, ideal for solo yoga teachers who teach virtual and face-to-face classes.

2- Teamup

word-image-3294 Teamup is a great option for small to medium sized yoga studios. Priced from $59 per month, it offers an impressive list of features. The pricing structure also depends on the number of active customers, so you only pay more as your business grows. It has everything you need to run your studio: a powerful client management system, membership options, attendance management, automatic billing, etc. word-image-3295 In addition, new features have recently been added for on-demand content, allowing you to sell recorded content, online courses, etc. So for small studios with several offers, this can be the right choice. We just want it to have built-in marketing capabilities. However, they integrate well with most marketing programs like Mailchimp.

3- Vagaro

word-image-3296 Vagaro offers an impressive list of features at an attractive price. Starting at $25 a month for a teacher, you have almost everything you need to run your yoga studio. Keep in mind that adding staff quickly increases the price by about $10 per month per person. We appreciate the fact that this software allows you to be listed on the Vagaro app, which gives you additional sales opportunities. You can also use their website builder for an additional $10 per month. However, it lacks many of the customization options that a website built on WordPress can offer. And if you want to change software, you have to change your whole website, which we don’t recommend. It also offers the option of accepting payments in person at the point of sale. There is also integration with Gusto for payroll, which is ideal if you manage multiple employees. word-image-3297 We would like to see the important functions already included in the basic package. Unfortunately, most marketing features come in the form of add-ons that can get expensive fast. If you are looking for a good integrated software with affordable customer service and are willing to pay for it, this could be a good option for you. If price is important to you, the value Momoyoga offers exceeds it for less.

Best yoga studio software for large or multiple studio owners

These programs offer the most comprehensive set of features. They are well integrated and allow you to manage all aspects of your business with one tool. Of course this comes at a price, but at some point it’s worth paying more to save time and work more efficiently. In addition to all the features listed in the two categories above, you probably need:

  • POS system for the entry of personal payments
  • Inventory options for the sale of goods
  • Salary Reports
  • Strong promotional opportunities such as listing in major directories, gift certificates, customer acquisition, etc.

Here are our recommendations for choosing software for large yoga studios


word-image-7750 Mindbody has long been a leader in this field. It is a renowned, feature-rich software that allows you to comprehensively manage all aspects of your yoga studio. One of the main reasons to use Mindbody is the ability to be listed on their app (probably the most used app), which allows you to attract more visitors, especially tourists. The basic package, priced at $139 per month, includes just about everything you need to run a studio. However, we find that the basic package lacks important features, such as a mobile-friendly booking page and email marketing, which are available as add-ons or are part of the Accelerate package, which costs $279 per month. But for starters, you’ll have excellent customer and staff management capabilities, online reservations, point of sale, the ability to sell merchandise, track inventory, etc. word-image-7751 It may not be the most user-friendly app, but that’s to be expected when it comes to an app with many features like Mindbody. And while it has taken some hits lately (due to increased competition from other programs), it is still a solid program and a leader for good reason.

2- Wellness life

word-image-7752 For $59 a month, it offers most of the features you need to get your job done. Unfortunately, important things like booking classes, seniors and workshops require a professional plan for $129 per month. But even at $129 per month, we think it’s good value for money considering all the features offered. Bonus points for advanced marketing features like email drip, Groupon integration (does that even exist anymore?), offer features and a built-in loyalty program. word-image-7753 We are very pleased with this software, which is rapidly gaining ground on Mindbody and is a serious contender for leadership in this field. Also, a bonus point for the monthly plan compared to the annual plan. We still prefer MindBody, but we want to sign up and use the program for a few months. If you don’t like it, you’re not stuck with it for a year.

3- Zen Planner

word-image-7754 Zen Planner, priced at $117 per month for 50 active members, is a good option for active studios. It offers everything you need for your business. You’ll find most of these features in Mindbody. However, if you have more than 250 active members, it will cost you $227 per month. So, if you have a lot of members, Mindbody is probably a better option because of its extensive offerings. word-image-7755 And we’ll be honest, the software seems designed more for gyms like Crossfit or martial arts, with additional features specific to those.

Other yoga software not included


We tried to get a demo but we are still waiting, we might update it in the near future when we get access to the platform.

Upper arm and pike13

Both of these tools are geared more towards gyms, and you end up paying for features that aren’t really appropriate for a yoga business (like the video fitness analysis tools).


PerfectMind is another program with many features, but we find the interface cumbersome. They also focus a lot on marketing functions, whereas we would like to see them focus more on user experience and integration.


We tried to get a demo but we are still waiting, we might update it in the near future when we get access to the platform.

Yoga Software Buying Guide

The following is an overview of the most important features to consider when choosing yoga software.

1- Online Course Booking

This is the most obvious. It should be easy and simple for your participants to book your courses (or workshops, online courses, etc.) online. Some programs have a dedicated app, and that’s fine, but you need to make sure their app is designed for mobile devices. The schedule should be clear and it should be easy to add or change courses, maintain a waiting list, etc.

2- Client management

While online planners offer basic customer management features (but you can link them to a third-party CRM), second- and third-tier software is more robust. You should have access to each subscriber’s data to see what they’ve bought in the past, and perhaps have rules to automatically send emails with special offers to past customers, etc.

3- Communication and marketing

If you are using planners, you will probably need to link them to an external provider such as Mailchimp in order to send newsletters. But the more global software products will have email marketing built into their platform. This is an important feature to keep in touch with your current and potential students. This allows you to quickly announce additional time slots for your course or a new offering you are planning.

4- Personnel management

Although this feature is only for large studios, it is becoming important because you will save a lot of time and headaches when it is integrated into your core software. Some apps allow you to connect to third-party vendors like Gusto to manage payroll, insurance, etc., and some have built-in functionality.

5- Point of sale functionality

If you have an actual studio (or an outside studio), this becomes important. You can simply ask new visitors to pay directly at reception. You will also be able to accept payments for bottled water and various goods.

6- Reports and analysis

It will be available in all of the above programs. Of course, the depth varies depending on the reliability of the application, but we found that all recommended programs have good reporting capabilities.

Benefits of yoga studio software

1- Time saving

This is the best advantage of using the yoga software. You will save a lot of time if you can:

  • Let your customers book and pay for your courses themselves online.
  • Update your schedule in real time
  • Sending text messages to students and teachers

2- Communicating with customers

Both to retain and acquire customers, the ability to communicate effectively should be your top priority. You should be able to do this easily:

  • Send push notifications via your app or text/email client.
  • Promote new products
  • offer discounts

3- Optimise your business

The reporting features give you a better idea of how your business is doing. You should be able to answer these questions:

  • Are the students coming back?
  • Do they leave you after a few sessions?
  • Do they recommend their friends?

This information can be the deciding factor in taking your business to the next level.


We really hope this guide will help you find the right yoga program for you. We will continually update it to ensure it is up to date. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them!As you know, there are many online yoga studio software services out there. To help you choose the right one for your needs, we’ve prepared a detailed list of some of the best yoga studio management software available, as well as a few helpful tips on how to choose the right service for you. Whether you are just starting a new yoga studio or simply looking to expand your existing one, you are sure to find something interesting below.. Read more about virtual yoga studio software and let us know what you think.

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