Yoga is the perfect exercise to start your day, but it’s also mentally and physically challenging. The sequencing of the poses, how they flow into each other, and the different styles all have to be learned and internalized. While the yoga school experience is a great way to learn more about yoga and get started, it’s not for everyone. A large number of new yoga teachers leave the teacher training only to be overwhelmed by the demands of a full-time teaching career.

New teachers have a lot of questions. Why should I be a yoga teacher? What should I wear? How do I actually teach yoga? Find out how to answer your questions, and more.

Once you have completed your teacher training, its time to move on and teach yoga full time. But what do you do after? We can’t just expect our teacher trainees to teach yoga and walk away, the reality is that they need to find sustainable employment so they can stay in the business of their dreams. We surveyed some of our trainees to find out what they do after their teacher training, and the answers were varied.. Read more about how to get your first yoga teaching job and let us know what you think.

While I’ve always been a devoted yoga student, I’ve never been sure whether or not I want to teach. All I knew was that I wanted to learn more about each asana, the chakras, and yoga’s history. However, I had the opportunity to go to Greece a few years ago, when a teacher training program was offered.

So it was the perfect time for me to obtain my 200-hour teaching credential, and it was a fantastic experience.

I’ve been doing yoga for a long time and understand the value of a yoga instructor to a pupil. You learn from them, rely on them, and hold them in high regard. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to give my pupils all I had. So, despite the fact that I was qualified, I chose not to teach.

I was too afraid of the unknown, afraid of forgetting a sequence or, worse, forgetting any asanas. But, after a year and a half of deliberation, I finally decided that now was the time, and I did it—I taught a yoga class.

What I Did to Get Ready for My First Yoga Class

My lesson was scheduled four weeks in advance, so I had plenty of time to prepare. I began by arranging my music since I like it and believe it is one of the most essential aspects of a yoga session (if it is the kind that includes music). When you’re in your asanas, I find that music motivates you and keeps you focused.

Then I began planning my sequence. I made sure I was teaching a class for all levels and a type of yoga that I am most acquainted with, Vinyasa. When I was designing the sequence, I wanted to be sure that I was following what I had been taught throughout my training.

I wanted to do all of my favorite postures in one session at first. But that’s difficult since I like most asanas as a yogini. The lesson would also be difficult to follow. I learned how tough it is to teach a beginning class. So I took my time and altered the order many times.

My advise to novice yoga instructors designing a yoga sequence is to keep it basic and utilize what you are most acquainted with or comfortable with. If you learn anything new, wait a while before teaching it. First, practice it in your own practice and for a long period.

Then, when you’re ready, teach it to others. Also, go through the sequence with a close friend and by yourself. You may be fully assured and prepared in this manner.

As the day for my first yoga session as a teacher approached, I asked my closest friends to join me. They were aware of my anxiety and wanted to be there to assist me. They also like yoga and come to most of my sessions with me.

Immediately before class

I arrived 30 minutes early to class.

I stretched, meditated, and got my music ready while preparing my mat. I felt well-prepared, but yet apprehensive. I began by connecting with myself, which would later assist me in connecting with my pupils. I didn’t know how many people would show up or what level my new pupils would be at.

As individuals began to arrive at the class, I introduced myself and inquired as to whether they had any ailments, specific requests, or what level of yoga they normally practiced.

Fresh Starts

I took a big breath in and out as my first lesson started, and I gave it my all. I currently teach a weekly yoga class and am happy I took the risk of becoming a teacher. I want to become a great one in the future. To all new teachers: believe in yourself. You may not think you can do it, but you can.

Yoga helps us to keep our minds open and move at our own speed. That is something you should constantly keep in mind as a teacher.

A plan isn’t always required. Sometimes all you have to do is take a deep breath, trust, and let go, and see what occurs. Mandy Hale is a character in the film Mandy Hale.

Some Pointers for New Yoga Instructors

  1. Prepare yourself.
  2. Play music that relaxes you and with which you can connect.
  3. Be adaptable and prepared to deviate from your plan. Different asanas may be requested by students, or you may discover that the sequence you planned does not flow.
  4. Arrive early for class.
  5. Learn to laugh at yourself since everyone makes errors.
  6. Prepare a quotation for your pupils that best expresses your current mood.
  7. Get off your mat and take a stroll around the room.
  8. Don’t be concerned about your technique. You are not required to modify each pupil.
  9. Make use of straightforward terms. ‘Flex,”stretch,’ ‘point,”reach,’ ‘push,’ ‘lift,’ ‘open,’ ‘feel,’ and ‘lengthen’ are all words that will make the class run smoothly.
  10. You may create your own sequence. After that, you’ll be pleased with yourself.
  11. Know the parts of your body.
  12. Remember to take a few deep breaths.

If you’re about to start your teacher training this year, you might be asking yourself, “what happens after?”.. Read more about yoga alliance and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes after yoga teacher training?

Yoga teacher training is a course that teaches you how to teach yoga. After this, there are many different types of yoga teacher training available for you to choose from.

What do you get out of yoga teacher training?

Yoga teacher training is a great way to learn the basics of yoga and how to teach others. Its also a good way to make some extra money while youre in school.

What comes after 200 hour yoga teacher training?

There is no such thing as a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

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