You’re only as happy as you feel, and while that doesn’t mean you have to be force yourself to be happy, there is a ton of research proving that positive emotions can make you  more productive at work, better parents, and more.

This 15-minute yoga sequence is a great way to start your day. It’s a great way to unwind, de-stress, and take care of your body while increasing flexibility and strength. Here is a sequence that you can do at home that I recommend practicing every morning. Practice this as often as you like until you feel as if you’ve become “one with it” in your own yoga class and you’ve mastered the poses.

We all have different needs and different ways we like to get our exercise in. For some, it might be obvious that they need to work out on a daily basis. For others, it might be something lighter in nature like taking the stairs. In the end, all that matters is that we are moving.. Read more about daily morning yoga routine and let us know what you think.

Get up. Mat should be rolled out. Breathe. Practice. Smile.

How we start our day from the very beginning may have a significant impact on what happens later. So it makes sense that when we begin the day with purpose, mindful movement, rhythmic breathing, and a focused mind, we are setting ourselves up for all kinds of greatness in the hours ahead. Sign up for this free 30-day yoga challenge if you need some extra motivation. If you commit to practicing every day, you’ll quickly develop a reliable habit.

The good news is that you just need to up one hour earlier than usual! The following 10-15-minute routine is simple to include into your morning routine without jeopardizing your sleep.

Warm up your physical body, promote detoxification, fire your internal power center, help you establish a connection with your breath, and generate a happy attitude with the following postures—basically, everything you need for a rocking good day!

1. Take a seat on your mat.

anjali mudra Begin in an easy cross-legged position or with hands in the Anjali Mudra, palms gently pushed together at the heart center. It’s time to make a goal for the day ahead.

An intention is a brief, positive phrase or word that inspires and motivates you to achieve a more positive state of being. One of my personal favorites is the term “happy.”

2. Cow / Cat

cow pose This is a fantastic method to wake up your spine after a long night in bed! With the shoulders squarely above the wrists, fingers spread wide, and hips over the knees, come to Hands and Knees. As the belly sinks, inhale the tail and heart rise (Cow Pose). Keep your gaze ahead and avoid extending your neck too much.

cat pose Exhale to Cat Pose, rounding and extending the back while drawing the navel up towards the spine and tucking the chin to the chest. Continue to flow between the two postures, synchronizing body movement with breath flow. For at least 5/6 breaths, or longer if it feels comfortable, find your own rhythm.

3. Plank

plank pose Step one foot back and then the other from Hands and Knees. Feel the top of the head extend forward as the tail and heels lengthen back to create a long line in the body.

Draw the navel up towards the spine and keep shoulders over wrists. To activate the arms and upper back muscles, fire up the thighs and, like in the last position, push the mat away from you. Hold the posture for at least 30 seconds with the corners of the lips turned up.

4. Downward Facing Dog is a variation of the Downward Facing Dog.

down dog Hands should be shoulder width apart, fingers extended wide. Glide your hips up and back while keeping your knees bent to work on extending your tail/spine. Straightening one leg at a time, evaluating how the hamstrings feel before coming to a stationary posture, is a great way to warm up.

Because our bodies are typically stiffer in the morning, keep your knees bent if necessary to preserve a long spine. At least 5-6 full, rich breaths should be held in the posture.

Tip: I perform the next four postures on the same side and then repeat on the other side, but you can always add a Downward Facing Dog in between to lengthen the sequence.

5. Hips that are open

open hip Float the right leg back behind you and extend the foot through the ball. Bend your knees and bring your heel to your buttocks, then yawn your hips wide to the right. Keep your chest straight to the front of your mat and stretch your left heel down if your hamstring is pleased.

Straighten the leg, square up the hips, and return to Downward Dog after a few breaths.

6. Lunge at a Low Level

low lunge As you move the right foot forward between the feet as gently and softly as you can, keep the core engaged. Lower your back knee to the mat and cross your front knee over your ankle. Sweep your arms up in the air, fingers pointing to the sky. Draw the lower ribs and belly button in to support the lower back by extending the tailbone down towards the mat.

Feel light and open in the heart area for at least 5-6 breaths.

7. Lunge at a High Level

high lunge Rep the last pose’s steps, but this time lift the rear knee off the mat. Engage the rear leg and feel it propel you forward in the posture. As you reach up above, your fingers are lively and energetic.

If you want to test your balance, look up between your hands, but keep your neck in mind.

8. Lunge Twist with a High Lunge

high lunge twist This is a lovely transition from high lunge and a great technique to push up through the legs and re-ignite that core strength. Keep your legs firm as you gently lower your hands to the floor, the left hand within the right foot. To support the twist, lift your right hand, fingers reaching toward the heaven, and pull the navel to the spine.

If your neck is comfy, look up at the top hand. Take the left hand off the mat or to the heart center for a challenge, or come to the fingers of the left hand. Return the hands to the mat with power and control after at least 5-6 breaths. Return to the Downward Facing Dog position.

At the front of your mat, step your feet together and bend your knees. As you gently peel up to standing, keep your chin tucked to your chest and your core engaged.

9. Stretch on the side

side stretch In Tadasana, stand with your feet together or hip-distance apart and your arms next to your body. Raise the arms above and distribute the weight equally between both feet. You may interlace your fingers or separate your hands if your shoulders like it.

Press the left hip to the left as you bend your body to the right. To maintain room in the lower back, the tailbone lengthens down to the ground, and the heart space is open and light.

Stay for a few breaths before switching sides.

Tree Pose (#10)

Tree Pose Shift your weight to the four corners of your left foot and bring the sole of your right foot to the inner left thigh or calf muscle, starting in Tadasana. Avoid putting pressure on the knee. Work on making the standing leg strong and stable.

Join your hands in prayer at the heart’s center.

Float the prayer up over your head on an inhale, keeping the shoulders relaxed and away from the ears. If necessary, separate the hands. On each side, hold for at least 5-6 breaths—longer if desired—and then repeat on the other side.

It’s good to stand or sit calmly at the conclusion of this sequence with your hands in Anjali Mudra, returning your attention to the intention or phrase you developed at the beginning. Reconnect with the message of hope. Open your eyes after a few minutes, smile, and enjoy your day!

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, give yourself a little wake-up call with this morning yoga sequence. Start out with five minutes of relaxing stretches—including an easy twist, a stretching pose with your legs up toward the ceiling, and a chest stretch—before moving on to five minutes of a more strenuous sequence.. Read more about morning yoga for flexibility and let us know what you think.

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