If you’re a follower of our blog, you know that we often mention the keto diet. We love it because it’s a diet that allows you to eat delicious low carb foods. One of our most recent keto discoveries is Enlightened Keto Ice Cream. We found this product at Walmart and it is amazing!

One of the advantages of living in the South is that we have access to tons of inexpensive, local produce. If you want to cook a delicious, keto-friendly meal, all you have to do is buy local, fresh produce. The following recipe is a wonderful example of how to use local ingredients to create a low carb dinner that is quick and easy to prepare.

Did you know you can get this low carb ice cream at Walmart? I know, I know, who would have thought? Just ask, and you’ll be able to enjoy this product in all fifty states. Enlightened Keto has created a line of keto friendly desserts that are available at your local Walmart. Sweetened with real fruit juice, these keto friendly treats are delicious and nutritious.


Oh, how we adore you, lighted ice!

Even if you devote a significant amount of time to the keto diet, a sugar desire may be deadly. As you gaze longingly at the ice cream aisles, you may feel condemned for life, but we have excellent news for you, dear keto fans: Enlightened ice cream offers all of the creamy, wonderful flavors of normal ice cream, but none of the carbohydrates or sugar!

What’s the greatest part? It’s simple to locate one near you!


Although there are many keto dessert recipes available, there are times when you want something ready-made and hassle-free. Few things compare to ice cream on a hot summer evening.

Our favorite keto ice cream is Enlightened (the entire crew is hooked)!


You don’t have to go to a specialized shop to find it.

That’s right, my friends, you can now buy your own illuminated ice cream at your local Walmart! Purchasing keto sweets is therefore a straightforward procedure.

Enlightened Ice Cream also provides more than simply ice cream in pints, which we like.


We may almost have a whole shelf of pastries, cakes, and sweets in our freezer without carbohydrates, bloating, or a sugar crash thanks to their diversity of tastes.

Is it possible to make an ice cream cake? They were successful!

Do you have any cookie dough? If you insist on doing so!

Brownies with peanut butter cookies? They are now conversing in my language.

You figured it out! Enlightened Ice Cream isn’t only a way to eat ice cream; it’s also a way to eat all of the other wonderful sweets we had to give up when we became keto.

If ice cream is more your style, Enlightened has you covered!


Sometimes when you purchase a pint of Enlightened ice cream, you want… So, there’s that. We’re on our second mouthful one minute, and the next, there are just two bits remaining. Oops. I can talk from personal experience.

Ice cream bars are just as tasty, and although you can consume the whole box, it’s a bit more difficult when each portion is individually wrapped. Ice cream parlors are also a lot of fun for everyone, particularly youngsters.


Caramel and dark chocolate is a difficult pairing, but peanut butter and marshmallow is one we didn’t realize we had.

Want to get your hands on some of this delicious keto ice cream? Simply go to Walmart and look around at all of the choices! Enlightened ice creams and bars may be found in the ice cream area.


The chocolate peanut butter ice cream and the dark chocolate peanut caramel ice cream are two must-try flavors that may differ based on your local Walmart.

Enlightened also offers fruit bars that aren’t technically keto, but contain much less sugar than normal fruit ice cream. They’re a better choice for those who want to cut down on their sugar consumption.


…that the prices are pretty competitive compared to other regular brands of bone ice cream, like Ben & Jerry’s or Talenti’s. We’re fans of keto desserts, but we’re not fans of spending a lot of money on them. That’s why we appreciate that Enlightened’s prices haven’t gotten out of hand.

For less than $5 a pint or box, you can buy ice cream and bars in a variety of flavors, which is totally fine for a quick treat.


People, get your hands on it!

If you’re a keto enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know you can now find Enlightened Keto Ice Cream at Walmart! Enlightened Keto Ice Cream is a keto-friendly ice cream that’s low in carbs, and high in fat, meaning it’s a healthy way to satisfy your sweet cravings. Walmart even has a “Buy 2 Get $5 Off” promotion currently going on, so you can get your favorite flavors like Vanilla Bean, Coconut Almond Crunch and our own Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for a great price.. Read more about enlightened keto ice cream uk and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat a pint of enlightened ice cream on keto?

If youre following a keto diet, no.

Is enlightened ice cream actually good for you?

I am not sure if enlightened ice cream is actually good for you.

How many carbs are in enlightened ice cream?

Enlightened ice cream has about 3 grams of carbs per serving.

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